Patricio Castillo is a singer, vocal actor, performer, composer and songwriter originally from Chile. He become well known for his vocal performances on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Happy Feet and Corpse Bride. Having the ability to performance both in English and Spanish, Patricio has been part of many projects that were dubbed in Spanish for Latin American distribution. Patricio became popular as the Spanish Brett McKenzie on the HBO comedy Flight of the Conchords, causing nation wide sensation that the Conchord duo invited Patricio to perform live in many sold out shows.

As a composer and songwriter, Patricio has published songs for film and television shows such as The Interpreter, Tortilla Soup, Master of Disguise, Transamerica, Crash and Burn and Sons of Anarchy.

As a singer, Patricio continues to express his powerful voice and actively continues to work on new projects that searches new ways of expressing new sounds.


Patricio Castillo, has been part of many original compositions. As a singer, songwriter and composer he has created and co-created amazing sound tracks in collaboration with talented musicians, arrangers and music producer.


Patricio Castillo first solo album was a compilation in the style of “Boleros” – Latin Ballads. Produced by Waldo Valenzuela along with the performance of talented known musicians such as Cleto Escobedo III (Jimmy Kimmel Live) Coco Trivisonno, Marcelo Caceres, Jose Fernandez (Fantasmas del Caribe) & Pancho Tomaselli (War).


ZENVOX (2006)

Patricio Castillo second album was in the style of Latin Pop Rock. Patricio co-produced and was the lead vocal in the band called ZENVOX. This band toured and performed shows during 2006-2008 in Central & South America. This album is a compilation of 11 original songs and a bonus track that presented a unique Pop Rock style.



Patricio Castillo worked closely with Director Steven Gyllenhaal (Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal father) as a music consultant for his first feature film titled Grassroots. His first scoring experience resulted in 13 beautiful sound cues inspired for this political film staring Jason Biggs, Joel David Moore, Lauren Ambrose, Cobie Smulders and Tom Arnold.


The New Vintage Sound: 2016 has been a fun and challenging year. Patricio embarks a new musical journey recreating songs from1960’s with the goal of delivering a new modern sound. In the studio, recording, writing and rehearsing he is joined by Alfredo Lopez (MD) preparing to deliver a performance in the fall that will showcase an electrifying show that will include cover songs as well as original songs. Stay tune and don’t forget to Subscribe to Patricio’s YouTube channel.

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Patricio Castillo Singer & Claudia Castillo Bass April 3rd 2020 performance. Enjoy.
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FB Live Friday, April 3, 2020 @ 7:00pm/pst. Dont forget to like our page so you can see us live - Claudia Castillo Bass Lets sing, lets chat live and lets share some time.

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