Patricio Performs Bobby Hebb’s SUNNY

In Video & Audio by Claudia

SOUNDTRACK Preview – Stay tune to watch the music video that will release tomorrow October 7th 2016.

2016 has been an incredibly challenging year as PATRICIO takes on his new project with passion and love.  PATRICIO is currently working hard along with my good friend and Music Director Alfredo Lopez to recreate old songs and re-produce a new fresh sound.  Check out a PATRICIO’s version of SUNNY written by Bobby Hebb in 1966. SUNNY has been covered by many artist. The most popular version was done by JAMES BROWN in 1971, JAMIROQUAI in 1995 and now PATRICIO in 2016. Bobby Hebb continues to stay alive through his music.  This version of SUNNY was produced by Waldo Valenuzela, vocals by PATRICIO, guitars by Waldo Valenzuela, bass by Alfredo Lopez and percussions by Christian Moraga. Enjoy!